Thank you, Aunt Oi-Yee

My Aunt Oi-Yee Tsang Lau passed away on Thursday, July 2, 2020 Aunt Oi-Yee was the person in my life who helped me discover the joy of learning. Not just because she was a public-school teacher and a school counselor. She was natural educator. Her demeanor, her openness, her patience, and her ability to see […]

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Rest in Power, Jay Spitz

Rest in Peace, Jay Spitz. Jay was an original. I met him in 2002, when I first started the New York City Teaching Fellows program that summer. I remember entering a room, probably at St. John’s University, and meeting what would become, essentially, my middle school math teaching cohort. Jay was an interesting dude. Here […]

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A love letter to Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement is the most magical and wonderful thing that has happened in my lifetime. I have marched in the demonstrations, I have brought my children to rallies, and I have even incorporated it into my teaching and research. Maya Marlowe and I even created a math lesson around it and wrote […]

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