Story Collider spoken story: Jacala

Here’s the video of the OSU STEAM Factory / Story Collider session in 2020, hosted by Katherine Wu and Maryam Zaringhalam. I tell the story of Jacala, an 8th-grade student I worked with when I was a middle school math teacher at I.S. 318. I pop up at 24:29 and come off at 38:09.

OSU Inspired Podcast

This is my origin story, the reason I ended up becoming a mathematics teacher and then a critical mathematics educator. Really loved the way Robin Chenoweth and Carol Delgrosso of The Ohio State University Inspire Podcast team made this story happen. Check out the story that’s connected to this podcast as well!

Story Collider – Nov 18, 2020

I am honored to be a part of Story Collider! Title: The Story Collider presents Stories from Ohio State’s STEAM Factory Date: November 18th Time: 7:00-8:00 p.m.  Location: Virtual, via CrowdCast The STEAM Factory is pleased to partner with The Story Collider to bring you Stories from Ohio State’s STEAM Factory, a live (virtual) storytelling show […]