Teaching Experience


Autumn 2018, Instructor, EDUTL 8711 Current Issues and Trends in STEM Education, The Ohio State University

  •  Introductory seminar for new Doctoral and Master of Arts Students in STEM Education to become becoming familiar with the research, policy trends, and ongoing issues and discussion within STEM education subfields.

Autumn 2017, Instructor, EDUTL 7194 Learning and Mobile Technology in STEM Education, The Ohio State University

  • 5.0/5.0 Overall Rating, A hands-on course in which students learn the history of STEM learning technology and design-based research, then build their own mobile STEM Education app with a partner from the Department of Engineering, Doctoral Seminar.

Spring 2017, Instructor, EDUTL 8741/8742/8743 History of Curriculum in STEM Education, The Ohio State University

  • 4.8/5.0 Overall Rating, A critical analysis of the histories of Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Computer Science Education in the United States from Pre-colonization to Post-Common Core Eras, Doctoral Seminar.

Spring 2016, Instructor, EDUTL 5005 Equity and Diversity in Teacher Education, The Ohio State University

  • 4.2/5.0 Overall Rating, An introductory capstone course for all K-8 pre-service teachers, focus on issues of equity and diversity in education. Using a Critical Race Theory/Intersectionality lens to address how oppression permeates all aspects of education, specifically STEM teaching.

Fall 2014 to Current, Instructor, EDUTL 5108 Teaching and Learning Mathematics for Grades Pre-K to 3rd, The Ohio State University

  • 4.8/5.0 Overall Rating, Taught Early Childhood Master’s and Undergraduate Methods course, emphasis on culturally relevant pedagogy and using technology for orchestrating mathematical discussion.

Fall 2009 to Spring 2012, Assistant Instructor, Elementary Mathematical Methods for Teaching, The University of Texas at Austin, Instructor of Record

  • 4.7/5.0 Instructor Rating. Instructed 8 times; special education cohort 3 times.

Spring 2010 to Fall 2010, Teaching Assistant, Project Based Instruction, UTeach/The University of Texas at Austin, Instructor: Anthony J. Petrsoino

  • 4.8/5.0 TA rating. Assisted UTeach STEM teacher preparation course 3 times.



September 2002 to June 2005, Mathematics Teacher, Intermediate School 318

  • 7th and 8th-grade math teacher in low-income, multi-ethnic Brooklyn middle school; 100% passing rate for 9th-grade Algebra I exam; Forged community partnerships for annual Pi Day celebration; Mentored new teachers through department induction program

Summer 2005, Teacher, Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Program

  • Three-week exchange program to collaborate with mathematics teachers in Japan

Summer 2003, Research Experience for Teachers, Cornell University

  • Material science research professional development; 1 of 5 NY teachers selected

2005, Permanent certificate to teach mathematics for grades 7-12, New York State Public Schools